Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lawyers and Unicorns on the Wall

Dick Cheney is violating the National Security Act or at least claims he is. Any government official given access to any level of classified information is required to sign documents informing him what the rules are on handling and revealing state secrets and he is covered by these rules forever. To even acknowledge to a non-authorized individual that some information that is classified even exists is a crime. The kind of crime that can get you locked in a Supermax prison with no human contact forever.

Cheney claims he has seen secret CIA documents detailing the positive results from the wanton torture of prisoners. To say in public that he has seen still classified documents and revealing their purpose even without specifically revealing their content is a crime. Of course "shoot from the hip to the face" Dick Cheney doesn’t actually have to worry about going to prison for this. Saying he has seen something that doesn’t exist isn’t a crime. He might as well say he saw a lawyer riding a unicorn.

Cheney is desperate to create the myth that torture works; that torture is vital to National Security and that he is not party to numerous felonies that will get him locked away for the rest of his miserable life. He can draw pictures of unicorns and lawyers on the wall of his cell.


Bukko Boomeranger said...

And if the Democrats don't provide any documents that show that torture worked, then Dickless Cheney can claim the Dems are covering it up. Or they destroyed the evidence! Of course, he's too patriotic to unveil documents that are still marked "Man-sized Safe Secret," so it will all have to stay under wraps.

And those of us in the reality-based community will say "That's bullshit!" But the opinions of 75% of the American people don't matter. Only the 25% who are bat-crap crazy -- and the feelings of the corporate crap-merchants -- are important. The former crap-heads will buy any raft of shite the crap-masters want to sell them. That's all that counts.