Friday, April 3, 2009

Don't need no book learn'n

New jobless numbers came out today and of course they are worse than ever and the corporate media again attaches the obligatory disclaimer that the experts are surprised. They need to get new experts; all this surprise must be killing them.

Teachers contracts are being issued by school boards across the country and the new buzz word among the teaching staff is RIF which stands for Reduction In Force. Between plunging real-estate tax revenue and the slashing of aid from state governments, RIF is the word to live by.

You can add a lot of teachers to the unemployment rolls in the fall, plus a lot of teachers will avoid retirement with their pensions depleted so contracts for new teachers will be in short supply.

This is especially true in the Red States where public education was never a priority, states that ranked near the bottom in aid per pupil have been cutting and cutting again to where it isn’t even lunch money. Why should they aid the schools, the Red States are controlled by rich Republicans and their kids never set foot in a public school. That’s where the gardener’s kid goes to school and he doesn’t need any of that book learning. You wouldn’t want him reading the warning label on any of that pesticide he’s been using without any safety equipment.

So far there is no real plan for creating jobs. Was it Ross Perot that said you can’t have an economy from each of us giving the other guy a haircut? I’ve been letting mine grow, I’m the one who shot the economy all to hell. Take the job creation poll at


Anonymous said...

the implosion will continue much in the same way that a house of cards begins to fall in on itself. more jobs lost in one sector ultimately leads to more job losses that begin to propagate thru the rest of the economy like ripples in a pond. at some point, you hit an unemployment level where the government has to use those handy dandy REX-84 camps that the GOP fuckers built for dissident americans, strictly for feeding and sheltering the permanently unemployed who've not only lost their jobs, they've also lost their homes as well.

slumdog millionaire like living conditions for most of the nation, and rampant disease spreading due to no medical help, as the smaller free clinics will be shuttered due to no funding in this crisis.

what's disgusting about this, is that as we continue to implode and swirl around the proverbial shitter bowl, the MSM fucks are playing the Bobby McFerrin, George H.W. Bush song; "don't worry, be HAPPY" thru all of this.

it'll surprise me if this ends in a decade, if ever.

ChiffonBreath said...

APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE. I've been on to this cast of characters for about 5 years.

No living American remembers America's struggle for free schools because it was over a hundred years ago that the battle was waged; won; faded from the consciousness of subsequent generations.

I've often wondered, "How come, when public school teachers in America have such a great Union, um, because they are teachers and they read their contracts, that they let fall to sunder the system that gave them legitimacy in the first place?

There was a serious national debate across this great country of ours once upon a time. The Age of Mechanization was going to put millions out of work. The only solution at the time was to offer an alternative to the simple life.

Free Public School Education.

Unfortunately Public school education was used to delay ready able bodied people entering the work force instead of allowing real and true economic growth, in my pea_brained humble opinion