Sunday, April 26, 2009

Death from Corporate Farming, even if you don't eat what they sell

Remember when the BCF was trying to scare everybody with the Bird Flu? There was really no chance of Bird Flu ever developing into a human pandemic. Virus can’t easily jump from species to species since they are such a simple organism that they cannot digest common sugars and are dependent on predigested sugars found in the bloodstream. These sugars are very different in any species' that aren’t closely related. Swine Flu versions have a much easier time making the jump to humans and if it does this enough times the chances of virulent strain (one that is completely adapted to human blood sugar) developing is fairly high.

This is an H1N1 Flu, the same type as the deadly 1918 or Spanish Flu that killed about 50 million with about a 2.5% death rate although some put the actual death toll higher than that. The Mexican outbreak appears so far to have a death toll of as high as 7% but this number could be reduced if total number of unreported "mild" cases turns out to be higher. This strain appears to have originated at a Smithfield factory hog farm in Mexico where the shear number of hogs in one place was able to produce a blended virus containing North American human, swine, avian flu components and swine flu components from Asia. Previously this has only been know to occur in South China where millions of pigs, ducks and people live in close quarters with no proper sanitation.

The reason these H1N1 strains are so dangerous compared to the other types of Flu that go around all the time is that they tend to trigger an allergy like immune response that causes the lungs to fill with fluid. That is what kills you and not the virus. Ironically the more young and healthy you are; the more at risk you are for sudden death. The 1918 strain was capable of killing in a few hours.

The government of Mexico’s response of closing all public places including churches is the only effective course of action. In 1918 people would flock to all day prayer services that promised sanctuary from the evil flu. Many people died in their seats and then all the rest being infected would spread the disease far and wide.

Influenza is characterized as a very "sloppy" virus, it tears itself apart into eight pieces every time it reproduces by division then reassembles. This means trillions times trillions of chances to mutate plus it tends to pick up scraps of DNA from its host as it does this. This is why the US strain is probably milder than the Mexico City Strain that is killing people. If the deadly version can be contained while the milder version of this strain continues to spread; enough people will be naturally immunized to stop the Killer Pandemic in its tracks. Hopefully.