Monday, March 30, 2009

Is Obama stupid or is he lying to us?

The President said with straight face that we don’t need to get all those jobs back that have been outsourced because they are all low paying. Any bright 5th grader and even the occasional Republican can figure out that we can’t run the economy on just the jobs created by installing solar panels. Obama seems to think that we will make the solar panels here; but we aren’t making them here now so what makes him think that will change.

Why is he spouting Republican talking points? The Republicans are perfectly comfortable with us being a third world country. Does Obama think that the mushrooming Hoovervilles won’t be called Obama slums when they become permanent fixtures? Has he become a Flat Earther, willing to sacrifice a certain percentage of Americans for the good of all (especially good for the rich)?

Obama must have a more realistic view of the future than the one he has revealed so far. Perhaps he thinks we can’t handle the truth. We can’t keep getting our manufactured goods from China. We’ve only been paying for half of it and China is getting tired of that; they are going to cut up our credit card. If the news reports can be believed, China has already reduced its Dollar holdings dramatically with only about half of its foreign currency reserves now in Dollars. We don’t have anything more to sell China, in fact they are moving aggressively to acquire everything we sell to them elsewhere. For example, Brazil can grow twice as many soybeans per acre with less input costs. Exporting debt isn’t going to work, paying with dollars that China can’t spend anywhere isn’t going to work. China has come right out and said they aren’t going to fall for that anymore.

Obama may not be ready yet to explain the painful details of undoing 30 years of Republican economic destruction. He is planting a garden at the White House; of course he has a ten foot fence and armed guards to keep the starving masses from stealing his vegetables. It's time to start scoping out the neighborhood with an eye toward establishing a defensive perimeter around any tillable land. When the kids are bored send them down to the soccer field to hoe the potatoes.


Anonymous said...

he's lying to us. he's a politician.